Japaknives Introduces the World's First-Ever Premium Control Chef’s Knife

A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without good quality knives. And for those who are into collecting them, Japanese knives are definitely a must-have. But before buying a new s​​et of knives at all, it is important to note that not all knives are created equally. An example of this are hand-forged knives, which easily stand out from the rest because of their resilience, durability, and toughness. While sharpness is often associated with high-quality knives, professional chefs and everyday cooks alike should also take into consideration what materials are used, how functional and ergonomic the design is, and how easy it is to use.

As a result of their love for knife making, along with their passion for the art of cooking, Japaknive has created the world’s first-ever premium control Chef’s Kitchen Knife. This hand-forged masterpiece has been perfected using traditional Japanese hand-forging techniques that have been passed through generations of knife-smiths – ensuring a perfect knife all the time.

But what sets the Japaknives Chef’s Kitchen Knife apart from the others is its precision, laser-carved index finger hole cutout, which allows for superior control and a cutting experience like no other. In addition, all the elements that make up a great kitchen knife can be found in this premium control chef’s knife. Its blade is made of high carbon Japanese steel known for being durable and functional while retaining its sharpness, while its premium oak wood handle is perfectly balanced and feels natural in one’s hand.

This all-in-one cutlery tool is excellent not only for kitchen use but also for hikes and outdoor adventures where it might come in handy. It is also great for a wide variety of kitchen tasks, such as chopping, slicing, and dicing. From its ruthlessly sharp edge, full tang design, to its perfectly balanced handle, traditional Japanese carbon steel, and unique premium control hole cutout, this Japaknives signature will surely not disappoint. For the current price of 54.97 USD, this hand-forged knife is worth every penny and serves as valuable kitchenware for anyone who simply loves to cook and spend time in their kitchen.

Apart from their Signature Premium Control Series, Japaknives also offers other high-quality Japanese knife sets, namely the Zeitaku Knife Sets Series, the Exotic Japanese Series, and the Shujin Series. Every order undergoes a hand-forging process and is available for shipping worldwide.

“Leave your kitchenware needs up to Japaknives and stay a cut above the rest.” More information about Japaknives and its products can be found at https://japaknives.com/.

Read the news publishing here: https://www.wicz.com/story/44719104/japaknives-introduces-the-worlds-firstever-premium-control-chefs-knife

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  • Fritz Abelleyra

    Me gustaría mucho conseguir un cuchillo de estos. Pues me gusta cocinar y se ve que tiene muchas posibilidades de hacer cortes perfectos.

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