Knives are the cooks' oldest tool, the most essential, the most trusted. Their whole purpose is sharing. "

- Michael Symons, A History of Cooks and Cooking

What happens when you combine Japan and it's rich history of sword making, with the oldest and most important tool known to human kind - the knife?

Japaknives is born. 

Our founder has been fascinated with Japanese culture as a child. So he embarked on the journey to bring a piece of their tradition to the Western world, and what better way to do it than through the love of preparing and sharing food with those who matter most. 

It is our team's mission to create never before seen, Japanese-inspired knives. 

We understand that many are aware of the excellency behind true Japanese knives - knives which typically range in the $1000+ ballpark. And the truth of the matter is that not many are able to make such an investment. So we have made it our mission to bring Japanese excellency at a price point that appeals to the masses yet still has the look and feel that you would get from spending thousands of dollars elsewhere. 

Every single customer is treated as family. When you join Japaknives, you are joining a movement. A movement that is becoming the new kitchen knife standard. 

We look forward to meeting you!